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Image of FormatCheck's Main Screen

The main screen is divided into two major sections. The top portion of the screen allows the user to select the format definition to be applied and the data file to check.

The lower portion of the screen shows the results of checking the data file. The output includes the data file being checked, the format definition and version being used, and an accuracy score. Following this information each error and line number is given

The information may be copied to the clipboard or printed.

Image of FormatCheck's Error Printout

The report lists the input file and the format type (and version) chosen along with an accuracy score. The remainder of the report shows each error message including the line number. Each error in a record is reported, not just the first.

Image of FormatCheck's Record Data Printout

The data printout lays out the input data so that it is easy to understand field lengths and position offsets. For fixed length records, each field is given its own line.

Last Update: 2006-05-23